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Latest News

We've raised the level cap!

We have raised the max level cap on our cluster to 300.


Welcome to the Monkey Evolved 24/7 PvPvE Cluster!

Welcome and thank you for checking us out!
MonkeyEvolved provides a cluster of quality North American servers. We currently have two maps online: The Island & Aberration. We will be adding extinction to our cluster as well, as soon as that is available.


Our servers are all loaded up with Structures Plus (S+), Auction House, and Human NPCs. You can see a full list of mods here.


  1. No hate speech or any dumbassery like that will be tolerated here.
  2. Abuse of any bugs/glitches will not be tolerated.
  3. Don't block progression (ie- don't block artifacts).
1 & 2 are banworthy, blocking progression will typically just get your blocking structure wiped.