New Server - Extinction

Extinction is out! HYPE HYPE HYPE

After a few hurdles we have gotten our Extinction server up!
Come join us as we unlock the mysteries of what happened to the planet, and why we ended up on the ARKs.
Join us on MonkeyEvolved - North America #1 - Server #3

A Technical Story

During the update to the server for Extinction WildCard managed to remove all Linux binaries from the server package.
We first ran the update on TheIsland, and unfortunately that resulted in downtime for us. Fortunately TheCenter and others were up at the time. After fussing around for a bit I did the fresh download for the Extinction server, and sure enough the binaries were missing there as well.
After much searching I finally come across a post about the issue, and that WildCard is trying to fix it.
Long story short: WildCard goofed, then we goofed, then they goofed some more, and now we're all goofing. At the end of the day all our goofs are fixed, and you guys can enjoy. :)